Art Clay Silver - Oil Paste
Item#A-024 (10g)
Art clay oil paste for repairing silver
Objective for Use
 Art Clay Silver Oil Paste is the landmark silver paste to attach Art Clay materials of pure silver and synthetic stones to fired pieces. Each package contains one bottle of Art Clay Oil Paste and one bottle of Art Clay Oil Dilution solution.

Use Art Clay Silver that has been fired.

Make bezels before firing, if it is necessary for the synthetic stone. It is not possible to attach fired Art Clay Gold to a Synthetic stone.


Apply it to both of the pieces and join them. (Be careful not to apply too much, as it drips because it is oil-based.)


Dry completely until the oil paste is fixed. Dry the piece for about 30 minutes around 10ºC/210ºF or for 24 hours at room temperature.

  • Place the piece in the kiln and fire. Raise the kiln's temperature from room temperature to FIRING temperature 800ºC/1470ºF and keep it there for 30 minutes. (Or to 850ºC/1560ºF, maintain for 10 minutes.)

Note: This is slightly lower than the temperatures for standard Art Clay.

  • Support the piece with fiber cloth. (If the support is not enough, the joint will separate.)


The surface of the second fired piece will be white and matte, but luster can be obtained by polishing. (e.g. a wire brush, a burnisher, buff polishing, sandpaper ...etc.)


The completed piece is pure silver (99.9%).

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  • Some silver settling may occur. Stir the oil paste well with a bamboo stick before use.
  • Use undiluted paste. If it dries up, add the dilution solution to recover its original texture.
  • Depending on the kind of synthetic stone, it may cause discoloration after firing. It is recommended to test fire the stone before attaching to the piece.
  • It is not possible to attach Art Clay Gold to Art Clay Gold, or Art Clay Silver to Art Clay Gold with this oil paste.
  • Be careful not to splash the oil paste into your eyes or mouth. If this happens, rinse with running water and consult a doctor.
  • Oil paste and the dilution solution contain an organic solvent. When firing, ventilate the workroom well and be careful of fire.
  • Wipe the oil paste off your hands and wash well with soap after work.
  • Use the oil paste as soon as possible. Also always keep tightly capped and keep it indoors out of direct sunlight.