Art Clay Silver-Pure Silver Clay!

Welcome to  Art Clay is pure Silver Clay that frees your creativity. 
You can make jewelry usingPure Silver Jewelry, art clay is precious metal clay Art Clay silver!  Art Clay Silver is a pliable, water based clay that is transformed to pure silver by heating inside a kiln or with a simple propane torch.
Now anyone can easily create one of a kind silver jewelry!

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Art Clay Silver Clay 50 gramSilver Clay made of silver enables you to make items yourself, out of pure silver. Art clay silver is soft and pliable, it dries slowly, has a low shrinkage and is not toxic!
Silver Paste is used to attach pieces, or to coat items in pure silver. Art Clay Paste (slip) type
Silver Syringe has uses like filigree workart clay syringe type
Copper Clay is the economical way to start playing with metal clayart clay copper
Firingtorch firing art clay silver

You can sinter or fire Art Clay Silver in any kiln, you can use any propane torch or you can fire on top of your gas stove!